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Raspberry-Blueberry Galette

I was going to skip this TuesdaysWithDorie baking “assignment” – it’s a berry galette and I just did an apricot-plum galette with the Avid Bakers group. But then I realized how much fun it would be to compare the recipes and I was hooked.

raspberry and blueberry galette pastry

The Abby Dodge dough is a simple flour, sugar and salt combination, held together by butter and ice water.  A small amount of lemon zest and juice were the only ingredients out of the ordinary.  By contrast, the Baking with Julia galette dough recipe by Flo Braker, one of my favorite bakers, uses cornmeal in addition to white flour and adds sour cream to the ice water. 

I’ll admit that another factor that influenced me to make this galette was that it only uses ½ of the recipe and Flo Braker suggests using the other ½ for a savory tomato-cheese-basil galette. The directions for that main course galette looked easy and I could make a main course at the same time as the dessert. With leftover cheese in my refrigerator, a few excellent summer tomatoes on the counter, and basil growing on the back deck, I was set.

Again, I made mini galettes for the sweet ones, preferring single servings to the larger pastry. I followed the recipe directions (provided in the posts by Lisa of Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen and Garden and Andrea of The Kitchen Lioness) and used a combination of raspberries and blueberries for the filling. 

This dough was more difficult to work with than Abby Dodge’s galette dough, on account of the sour cream. The directions called for adding a sour cream/ice water mixture while the food processor was going - a neat trick when trying to photograph the process!  The dough was also sticky, even after being refrigerated; I compensated by using a bit more flour when I rolled it out and that worked fine. 

using cornmeal in pastry dough
pastry dough recipes
mixing pastry dough
pastry dough
making pastry dough

This dough was crispier and less prone to leakage than the other one. I used my ground pecan base on one of the 2 mini galettes that I baked to see if it made any difference, but in the end it wasn’t necessary.  (I made 4 minis out of the recipe for 1 large one, and froze 2 of them.)  In my only deviations from the recipe, I used heavy cream instead of water to brush on the outside of the galette and sprinkled raw sugar over the pastry instead of regular white, granulated sugar because I like the rough look and notable crunchy taste of the raw.

berries in pastry
baking pastry

I can’t say that I prefer one galette over the other in terms of taste – the other was more delicate and this one has a definite taste of cornmeal, which I liked.  The fillings were both great, because of the ripe summer fruit available.  Maybe I’m just a dessert girl - I’d be happy to make either, or both, again. 

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